Cab Shells

The elevator cab shell is the structural component of an elevator that is important for both the functionality and the design of any elevator project. With a variety of materials to choose from, we manufacture custom cab shells, ensuring that they fit the aesthetic desires and budget.

Custom cab shells are especially popular in modernization and remodeling projects. Elevator systems last for a long time, as a result some of the elevator cab shells in the current system can be up to 60 years old. With these older cab shells, it is not uncommon to find rusty parts, rotten wood, or even significant wear-and-tear from over the years that would require a new cab shell. However, some of the original manufacturing companies are no longer available to rebuild the original cab shells and a custom cab shell is a necessity. Retro Elevator has the experience designing and manufacturing custom cab shells. We are familiar with outfitting any and all shapes, sizes, and styles of elevators, while maintaining the highest-quality craftsmanship.

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