Entrance & Car Front Cladding

Hoistway entrance cladding is the “first impression” of every elevator and what is commonly known as the “doors” to an elevator. Retro Elevator designs and manufactures entrance cladding custom-suited to any project. The entrance cladding attributes to everything from the design of the exterior openings and car front cladding, to the design of the interior opening of the elevator.

Cladding is completely custom and can be made from a variety materials, feature custom etched designs, and more. For your passenger’s enjoyment, use the cladding to enhance the design elements within the custom elevator interior or within the waiting lobby for the elevator. Speak with our experts to understand how our custom cladding can ”elevate” the riding experience.

In remodeling and modernization projects, this can be crucial because of scratch and dents/normal wear-and-tear that an elevator experiences over the years. Retro Elevator can help design and manufacture cladding that is beautiful and built to last. By updating and improving the “first impression” of an elevator, you give the elevator a new life!

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