Ceilings & Lighting

Elevator ceilings and lighting are a crucial aspect in an elevator’s design and atmosphere. Different design choices play a big role in the passengers riding experience and the long term cost of the elevator. Retro Elevator understands these variables and has the expertise to incorporate them into each elevator design.

By providing our clients with multiple options, we can ensure that every possibility is taken into account when designing a custom elevator interior. For example, using high-efficiency options can produce better light for a lower cost, without emitting heat or an orange hue that is often produced by traditional lighting.
In addition to that, we understand how design elements can change the overall atmosphere of an elevator. A custom designed ceiling can open up the space making the cab feel bigger and provide a comfortable riding experience for passengers. A dimly lit elevator can create a calm, relaxing environment and a brightly-lit space can encourage passengers to be alert. Depending on the mood being set, the ceiling and lighting can have a big influence on passengers and overall “feel” they get while riding.

Retro Elevator knows these variables and will work with you to design a custom elevator that perfectly fits the space it is being designed for. Speak with our experts today to get insights on your best options for your custom elevator design. Explore all of our ceiling and lighting options with one of our experts today.