Pre-Engineered Packages

Retro Elevator is a manufacturer of custom elevator cabs, interiors finishes, cladding, and shells. We build our custom elevator designs in-house and can install these finishes on-site. In addition to this, Retro Elevator can ship the custom elevator finishes in a modular package so they can easily installed by others.

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing and long lasting materials to fabricate custom elevator finishes that meet the highest industry standards. Our packaging methods ensure that the materials arrive on-time and intact. We understand the importance, not only because of lost cost due to damaged parts, but also the loss of time and impact on the project’s schedule due to rebuilding damaged components.

The capability to create completely custom elevator cabs and then specially package them to be installed by others require complex knowledge and resources. Lucky for our clients, Retro Elevator has the years of experience, quality craftsmanship, industry knowledge, and resources to execute each project properly.

To learn more about our pre-engineered packages and how you can get started with your custom elevator today, speak with one of our experts today.